Preservation and Restoration Projects now Underway!


Concrete Grandstands have been uncovered as shown - restorations will help
preserve these stands.



Above:  Preserving the Original Concrete Grand Stands
is a top priority goal

Below:  The Front Stretch is being recreated to
it's near natural state           

Below:  The Front Stretch coming out of Turn 4 has been Restored to it's near Original Natural Beauty. Restoration included track resurface with over 100 loads of dirt and Chapel Hill gravel


                                   Looking into turn 1                                                                           Looking into turn 3

    Breath~taking view of the resurfaced backstretch 

                         Ticket Office Road has been grated and resurfaced to it's near original state.
Blending "History and Nature" together is the goal of the Historic Speedway Group. Photographer Ed Sanseverino capture this amazing photo of a large Doe crossing the road. 

  A very Special Thanks to JMR Landscaping of Efland, NC, who's
vast knowledge of Landscape Design and
  special interests toward Historic Preservation of the Occoneechee-Orange


Bill and Jack Knight applying the Finishing Touches


The Photo below shows the Original Ticket Office before
the start of the restoration project.


The New Replica "Ticket Office" under construction, shown above Nathan Wall and Bill Nichols of Durham, NC, volunteer's, building the walls . Completion  date approx, March 1, 2008 Special Thanks to the Mebane Lumber Company who donated  a large portion of lumber for this project.

The new Replica "Ticket Office" is now complete. See photo below.






The Men's Restroom, this original structure was built during the early years, probably
1950. Withstood all the elements mother nature could throw at it. Restoration and
Preservation is under way to preserve this "back in the day" Historic original structure.


              The Ladies Replica Outhouse "RestRoom" is currently
 under Construction. 
Below:   Ruins of the Original Ladies Restroom 

  Below:   The Original Foundation is under restoration -
see our progress -


        The wood flooring was constructed on March 26th.  ** The walls were
completed April 9th, 2008



                    Siding now in place. Windows & Door coming soon!                           Inside view as of 4/22/2008


 A Very Special Thanks to Paul Burkhead
of Hillsborough, North Carolina.
  The best Brick Layer/Mason and Miracle Worker this side of the Mississippi!
Paul donated his time and skills on the Ticket Office &
Ladies Outhouse foundations.

Stalls now complete - ready for use 


   Now if we can only Get some Sponsorships from Pepsi ! 
 A Pepsi~Cola bottle cap logo which once appeared on the
Original Outhouse has been recreated and hand painted on the side
wall of the Replica Outhouse by Bill Nichols.

  The Original Fence Line is now being recreated using some
of the original poles and most all the original Fence Tin sheeting.
This Restoration project was completed by Late May.


      Above: Original entrance way is being RECONSTRUCTED using some of the Original
Tin Fence Sheeting and Poles giving this Old Race Track it's Original Breath-Taking

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