Historic Speedway Group

Purpose of Historic Speedway Group

Our purpose of Historic Speedway Group. To preserve the history and preservation of the last remaining track remaining from Nascar's inaugural 1948 season. To resurrect former remnants of Occoneechee/Orange Speedway to the way they were formally presented. To gather the community and promote fellowship for this great and historic cause. We are a Non Profit Organization.


Current and Former Members of Historic Speedway Group


Frank Craig            President             

Joe Crews             Vice-President    

Kyle Craig              Secretary             

Laverne Zachary   Treasurer 

Founding Members:           

Frank Craig            Gerald Talbert       Eugene Mincey     

Skip Couch             Gene Hobby          Paul Palombo

T.C. Blalock            Joe Crews             Kaylin McGee

Laverne Zachary   Doug Adams          Kyle Craig

Ed Sanseverino     Shawn Minnis        Devon Landon

Archie Newberg    Donna Friedman    L.B. Daniel

Tina Couch             Earl Cates              Lucas Cates


Bill Nichols            Richard Albert         Pat Osburn

Beverly Liles         Matthew Liles         John E. Hurst

Chris Shaw            Ross Williams        Ray Lamm

Billy Lane              Kent Wrenn            Charles Lankford

Teresa Oakley                    June Rose Hudgins

Charles Laughinghouse    Sheila Laughinghouse Jarmen

Carlo Garay                         Lester Watkins

Ronnie McAdams               David Page

Ray Crabtree                      Ace Overby    

Travis Stewart                    Bill Loftin--- Slidell, LA         

Bruce & Jessica Pitner      Levi Holmes

Joe Caradonna                   Pete Rhew

Bill Magnum                        Clyde Magnum





Official Pace Car of Occoneechee/Orange Speedway & Historic Speedway Group

HSG Member and Former Grand National Driver, Gene Hobby & The Dragon Wagon at South Boston, VA, August 2009


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