Others Uses

Other than being a host for Nascar races. The Occoneechee/Orange Speedway also hosted football games for Hillsboro High School, Orange High School Panthers and the Stanford Junior High Chargers. We hope in the future we are able to find historic photos and information that we can post on this website. Historic Speedway Group not only wants to help preserve the racing history at the track. But also for Orange High and Stanford Junior High Athletics that were played in the infield of Occoneechee/Orange Speedway. We encourage anybody that has any information pertaining to this please contact via email at:

As currently known the old wooden part of the scoreboard is still in the infield. Also both metal goal posts are there also. Albeit both are lying on the ground and are in state of disrepair. But with HSG determination we want to preserve anything and everything that pertains to Occoneechee/Orange Speedway.

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