South Boston Speedway

    Beautiful  South Boston Speedway, Va.  
Saturday September 13, 2008
        Embarq  Sponsored 250 Lap event

A very Special thanks to Cathy, Helen, Bill & Clyde
& the entire Staff & Nascar Officials of the South Boston Speedway

        {Press Release} - photo's courtesy Ed Sanseverino

                Historic Speedway Group's  
"Along the Way"   Tour 2008

Start of the Pure Stock race

              The Dragon Wagon driven by NascarGrand National Series Icon
                  Gene Hobby - HSG founder Frank Craig along for the ride.

  Historic Speedway Group's Gene Hobby with the Dragon Wagon

     Nascar Grand National Series driver Gene "The Man" Hobby drives the World famous Dragon      Wagon around South Boston Speedway.  Note the passenger in the wagon is the Historic Speedway Group's founder Frank "Mopar" Craig.        

Historic Speedway Group members at South Boston Speedway, Va.,
promoting it's upcoming event.
Late Model Stock Highlights
photo's courtesy Ed Sanseverino

The Battle was on all night
between Wayne Ramsey & Ron Hill

#51- Wayne Ramsey - #74 - Ronald Hill

Spin out in Turn 1


                Wayne Ramsey #51 - South Boston Speedways Nascar Whelen 2008 Late Model Series Champion

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